Product Introduction Photoshoot


This workspace set was part of a photoshoot that I was involved with. I visualized various options for the team to storyboard the progression of images for a new product brochure launch.

My energy in working with systems furniture comes from crafting creative workspaces and creating engaging layouts. The deliverable needs to tell a concise visual story to positively engage the imagination of the client. At a glance, they need to understand how the station can be utilized and be able to imagine themselves inside the environment.

New product introductions present a challenge to not only learn new furniture details but also to understand how they can be incorporated into existing spaces, using existing and complimentary solutions. To be able to be a part of that research and development on the manufacturing side is crucial not only to understand the available options to utilize in layouts, but also to provide valuable feedback to direct the development process.

Susan • June 5, 2016

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