Susan Kipp is synonymous with design innovation and is a leading authority on new and exciting ways to experience furnishings in space. With 30 years of experience in the industry, Susan sells the customer experience, turning her deep front-end knowledge around research, products, people and space into seamless and expertly curated solutions.

Susan’s education focused on Interior Architecture and Design from the Maryland Institute, College of Art where she initiated leveraging her natural instincts for design and space with a technical knowledge for innovation. She is a coveted resource to help clients win business.

“My motto is Saving The World, One Furniture Project At A Time as every client project is an opportunity to help those around me. I love crafting an environment for people to use and experience space. My mission is to always listen and learn how you uniquely move within your environment, so I can better understand where the space can take you. I blend the tangible and intangible wants and needs into simple, beautiful solutions that work the way you work best. I put an incredible amount of emphasis on the front end of projects, fusing research and purpose with design to deliver continuous and successful experiences within your environment.”

Adept in many design focused software programs including CET Designer, AutoCAD, CAP2020, InDesign, Photoshop, and Twinmotion. Susan’s successful professional experience includes employment at Knoll as one of their leading Product Application Specialists, and also employment at furniture dealers – first as Senior Dealer Designer and Specification Projects Expert, and then as Vice President of Innovation.  Susan believes that every experience propels and enriches the next experience, and she is renowned for her success in the furniture industry.

Susan Kipp LLC was founded in 2015 and has grown year over year, one furniture project at a time!

Susan’s love of blending technical research with creative solutions carries over into her study of martial arts and her vintage clothing collection. When not working with her clients, Susan can be found crafting new garden designs for her family and friends.