Spine Wall – Specifying with Elevation Tool in CAD/CAP

Check out my video explaining step by step how to specify SPINE SERVICE WALL in AutoCAD with CAP using the elevation tool! Great for specifiers! Spine Wall- AutoCad/CAP Elevation Tool VIDEO  

Specifying SPINE Wall

In this video I show you how to specify spine wall product including frames, covers and electric. The focus is on Currents which lays the foundation for understanding all Knoll spine wall. Specifying SPINE Wall with Susan Kipp

Tone Tables

Tone Table Product Training In this video I talk about how to plan with and specify Tone tables. Enjoy!

Dividends Horizon

Dividends Horizon Product Training Want to understand how to accurately specify Dividends Horizon? This video will help you to understand the options available when selling Dividends Horizon to your customer and will help to streamline the specification process!  

Concealed Post Training

Want to learn all about Knoll’s Dividends concealed post? Why and when to use it and how to spec it? Watch this video! Watch Video