The Story of Furniture

Template for Shared Spine Planning

I love the various stories that furniture can have – the story of their creation, the story of the space they furnish, the story of the people who use the furniture. In this case, the product carries a history of being loved, being scorned. And now circles back around with a fresh feeling, being paired with a new partner for a fresh look. I exaggerated the length and sharing capabilities of this product and added sophisticated height adjustable work tops with a collaborative center piece, shown here with full storage to satisfy the client’s request for their continued heavy paper focused departments.

The client was intrigued with the use of a shared, modular spine for their open plan workstations with the ability to reconfigure around it, while using a variety of workstation styles adjacent to it, creating functional and inspiring work spaces. With the ability to become tall –for privacy, separation, and focus– or have a lower horizon height –for collaboration in a post COVID era– I appreciate the variety that this product has to offer the client.

I am excited to see where this design (and this story) continues as we explore through the design of their space.

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Susan • March 7, 2021

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