Fun in The Fall

Autumn is my favorite season of the year and in addition to that – I’ve been having some fun playing around with different software for animations so that I can provide a full service, design solution experience for my clients. I love to learn and having the ability and skills to visualize layouts and solutions for spaces is a win, for sure! I pulled this floorplate together in an afternoon – here’s the rough first pass video of the space walkthrough that I did as a test. When you get to the animation stage, it’s all about understanding lighting and camera movement details. Is this perfect? Of course not, it’s a test! Is it photo realistic – nope. But it’s an affordable and fast option for inviting the client to better understand their space. The second video is a test without as much lighting processing. Interesting to compare and learn how the program wants to manage graphic information. What are your thoughts on processing 4k vs 2k? How many clients will have access to 4k viewing?

Susan • September 29, 2022

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