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Every workspace and every personal work “station” is a new creation. Every company and every department and every individual are unique and a single solution for the systems furniture is not what modular furniture was created to do. Certainly balancing the requirements of facility management with the ability to customize workspace is the goal.

This workstation is an exhibit showing a low horizon, set in the middle of the open space of the floor plan. A guest chair is pulled into the main computing area – perfect for someone who needs to share an idea (and their screen) with a team mate. The surfaces are contoured to create the perfect amount of space for work and allows for a generous  sitting space. More than one guest chair can be rolled into this layout!

My challenge with this layout was to use existing product from this system line and show it in a fresh and useful way. The subtle change of incorporating the guest chair within the station instead of outside the footprint helped to achieve this goal – a subtle detail for this open display station inside of a NeoCon showroom.






Susan • June 5, 2016

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