Fun in The Fall

Autumn is my favorite season of the year and in addition to that – I’ve been having some fun playing around with different software for animations so that I can provide a full service, design solution experience for my clients. I love to learn and having the ability and skills to visualize layouts and solutions…

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The Story of Furniture

I love the various stories that furniture can have – the story of their creation, the story of the space they furnish, the story of the people who use the furniture. In this case, the product carries a history of being loved, being scorned. And now circles back around with a fresh feeling, being paired…

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Visualizing Space

Creating visuals for clients to truly experience their space is so important – and for me – SO FUN! I love taking the basis of design that I’ve already worked with the client to craft and then expanding on that to show them scenarios and options within their space. Taking the static vision and populating…

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International Training Tours

Training around the country (and Internationally!) has been rewarding and FUN! I love sharing my knowledge and helping specifiers achieve their goals. And even more than that- I love meeting the people! Every group I have in training is awesome and I love learning about each and every individual in my class. #happyspecing #specingWithLOVE

Training Tour!

If you haven’t already had a chance to sit in on one of my Knoll trainings – keep a watch out because I am coming to a city near YOU! Catch me on my national training tour as I help Knoll specifiers learn the basics, learn some tricks, and learn best practices to make specifying…

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Live and Dynamic Virtual Showroom

Absolutely one of my favorite projects this year! I was involved in all phases- layout, CAD, finish selections, and accessory selections for rendering. therenderingco did a brilliant job of bringing this vision to life!   Live Tour – Click to View


A wonderful story about one of my clients and projects! So proud of the thoughtfulness, dedication, and creativity of the entire team! DTNA is a superb client! -Susan

Antenna Fence CAP/CAP and Product Training

In this product training video, I use a combination of CAP/CAD, photos and the price list to explain features of Antenna Fence and how to work with the product in plan and 3D views. Click Here to Access!  

Spine Wall – Specifying with Elevation Tool in CAD/CAP

Check out my video explaining step by step how to specify SPINE SERVICE WALL in AutoCAD with CAP using the elevation tool! Great for specifiers! Spine Wall- AutoCad/CAP Elevation Tool VIDEO  

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