Tone Tables

Tone Table Product Training In this video I talk about how to plan with and specify Tone tables. Enjoy!

Dividends Horizon

Dividends Horizon Product Training Want to understand how to accurately specify Dividends Horizon? This video will help you to understand the options available when selling Dividends Horizon to your customer and will help to streamline the specification process!  

Concealed Post Training

Want to learn all about Knoll’s Dividends concealed post? Why and when to use it and how to spec it? Watch this video! Watch Video

Interpole Training

Check out this training video for Interpole product I made! Good content for specifiers and sales/design. Enjoy! Interpole Product Training with Susan Kipp

Configure THIS!

This project involved a sewing machine, a change of shoes, and choreographing 4 men in a furniture dance that fluidly displayed how a few items of furniture can be reconfigured to meet the needs of a changing workplace. It was a fun project – and we had the Blue Angels fly over during the presentation….

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It is rewarding to watch a space that I have specified open their doors and craft their mission with success all the while sitting in furniture that I played a part in! If you are not familiar with 1776- check them out. There are some good things happening there including news, analysis, and trends on innovation in…

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It’s Personal

Every workspace and every personal work “station” is a new creation. Every company and every department and every individual are unique and a single solution for the systems furniture is not what modular furniture was created to do. Certainly balancing the requirements of facility management with the ability to customize workspace is the goal. This…

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Classics on a Budget

This office is a great example of a classic layout that is easy on the budget. The finish is wood laminate and the horizon is low, which also helps to keep the cost down. If a more intensive computer surface was required, the low credenzas at the back of the office could be replaced with…

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Immersive Planning

Immersive Planning – this idea that workspace should have the ability to be shaped and changed by the end user to fit their specific work style. A work style that can change depending on the project they are working on, the size team they have collected. This planning mode has seen increases in its ability to create open,…

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Product Introduction Photoshoot

This workspace set was part of a photoshoot that I was involved with. I visualized various options for the team to storyboard the progression of images for a new product brochure launch. My energy in working with systems furniture comes from crafting creative workspaces and creating engaging layouts. The deliverable needs to tell a concise visual…

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