NeoCon provides a challenge each year to furniture manufacturers – in a defined amount of space they need to showcase new explorations of furniture, enhancements to existing lines, and display their research to tell a complete story. This area was a part of the efficient systems furniture portfolio area and also reached into the information of perimeter planning and…

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Custom Reception

How you are received at a company is the first impression and can set the tone for the entire business engagement. The person who is receiving has a big role to fill and deserves a workspace that is comfortable and meets their needs. Particular attention must be given to what roles the receptionist has responsibility…

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Having the opportunity to work with ARO on the Knoll Houston showroom project was an amazing experience. Their understanding of space and light and how people exist inside the workspaces they craft is a wonderful treat to work adjacent to. Their integration of working space and meeting/showroom space is so perfectly balanced. Every meeting area…

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Heather Fitzgerald

I am excited to announce that Heather Fitzgerald has joined my team and will be responsible for supporting all creative endeavors! Heather‘s eye for detail match the standard of accuracy and reliability that I believe all of my clients deserve. Heather has a professional background of over 25 years in program management and administration support in the federal,…

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Shirley Loeffler

I am pleased to announce that Shirley Loeffler has joined my team to help save the world, one project at a time! Shirley approaches each project with a personal approach and asks, “How can I enhance my client’s value and increase their workplace productivity?” While addressing today’s work culture and creatively fulfilling functional requirements, she…

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Classic Eames

I can not wait to see this project install- I love the retro dark laminate and bold contrasts in the workstations with a splash of custom veneer flanking the room – and check out those Eames chairs!


I’ve started to get requests to train and I can’t be more excited! I actually enjoy training…it’s a teacher trait that seems to span throughout all of my interests. Being able to pass along my knowledge to others to help them know and succeed is very fulfilling for me. Here’s a clip from a power…

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Houston – No Problems Here!

Here’s a view of the beautiful new showroom in Houston – I was privileged to work with the architects and designers on this project and you can see here the custom marble desk at the reception. In the background are more stations that I helped specify and oversee installation for. The light in this space is amazing…

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Space Creation

Here is a beautiful project I’m working on – the client has expressed how excited they are to have new furniture as their current furniture has acquired details such as: tape on the worksurface edges to prevent snagging of trousers! I’m working on the flow and interaction of the space while purposefully keeping the furniture…

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